Hot Topic 2020

„On (un)known Paths. Movement and Exchange in Antiquity“

In antiquity, humans, object, as well as ideas and concepts are constantly traveling. From the bronze age to the late antiquity, everything seems to be on the move. Lecturers may choose topics like infrastructure, the exchange of goods, technology or religious beliefs. Migration or traveling artisans could be topics of interest, as well as the export of myths and images. The goal is to gain a better understanding of how moving antiquity was, and to obtain this lecturers are encouraged to use all the different methods and material categories found in Classical Archaeology.

The conference’s topic was deliberately formulated in an open way, to enable the lecturers to deal with all different periods from the minoan palatial age up to late antiquity. We do not want to build walls but to overcome them through exchange.

The conference will be held on two days, where your contributions will be seperated into thematically fitting groups. Furthermore there will be two final keynotes (tba). The first evening will be concluded by a casual, viennese dinner. On saturday evening, we would like to celebrate a succesful conference with a glass of wine – and possible further nightlife activities.